Nazi salutes next to George Square war memorial, burning of the Saltire, people who voted against independence firing fireworks at people who voted for it, smoke bombs, and the worst of all was two young adults that have been stabbed, one young man in the head because he was wearing a yes badge and a young woman for voting for independence. 
There is also a video on vine of a young woman wrapped in her Saltire flag, proudly showing she is Scottish and in the video it’s ripped off her by union jack wearing animals! 
I’ve made this post because I want to make it absolutely clear that these acts are the acts of the NO supporters, the people who voted for independence wanted to grieve in peace with our own people and it was ruined. I’ve never been more dissapointed or ashamed of my own country!



Of course the BBC have no news or coverage of what is happening in Glasgow right now. They got their no vote; they don’t care any more.

Glasgow, a yes city, is being plagued by violent pro-unionists who are wrecking havoc. Children are caught up in these!

I’m not saying that these bigots…



The most maddening thing out of all of this is that scotland is getting the blame. Seriously, if you aren’t in scotland right now and think its funny to state how the english goverment have done nothing wrong, or think you’ll try to defend your precious government seriously..and I mean seriously….